Maritime Law

Relationships That Navigate Business Across Borders!

Maritime law governs matters concerning all maritime activities and private international law which concerns the private business entities which operate ships and vessels.  

Maritime legal issues may concern commerce, navigation, shipping, ship personnel, and the ocean-going transportation of passengers and goods as well as land-based commercial matters which are maritime in nature.  Maritime liens, mortgages, salvage, personal injuries to passengers, maintenance and cure of sailors, as well as the formation of vessel ownership business entities and ship registration are legal matters which may require our professional legal services.

We provide consult services to various lawyers worldwide in all Shipping matters including:

- Cargo Claims
- Arrests
- P&I Claims
- On Board Investigations
- On Board Accidents
- Collection of Evidence On Board
- Collision Investigations
- Crew Problems Investigation

We handle Maritime legal claims and problems through Associate Experienced Lawyers Worldwide

According to our global survey of business leaders, conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, companies are making conservative judgments when considering expansion to new territories, weighing up issues such as regulatory and risk exposure, duration in the market and knowledge of
how business is conducted.

Our corresponding lawyers are located in Cyprus, Greece, England, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, USA

We can draw evidence from all possible internal or external sources, whether electronic, paper or human. 

Reviewing very large volumes of data to find the facts that matter is what we do every day.
Maritime Security Services

Maritime security has become an important requirement for merchant vessels in today’s time.

Increasing shipping piracy threats have resulted in huge losses for shipping conglomerates around the world.

In order to tackle this problem successfully, many security Companies have started to provide maritime security services, which are custom made for the present modern piracy at sea.

Across the world, there are many such maritime security Companies which command a unique respect for the stellar security services they offer.

But, what is this that makes today a maritime security Company trustable?

What are the criteria that you must set in order to decide if this or that maritime security Company is good and effective in all your demands?

What you expect a maritime security Company to fulfill in order you feel safe and secure?

Maritime Security it is not just another business. Maritime Security it is based on knowledge,  methodology, correct equipment, technology, accuracy, the well trained personnel and the high experience of the managers of the Maritime Security Company.

With the aid of maritime protection offered under such qualifications, shipping conglomerates can be assured of plenteous security to its crew and cargo. Oceanic navigation routes are necessary and cannot be done without. Since shipping piracy has become an unchecked evil in certain water parts and is spreading towards other oceanic networks, opting for maritime security services has become a choice that cannot be overlooked

Think well before you decide WHO will keep your property and your crew safe!
We are your link between your shipping Company and the Private Maritime Security Companies as we undertake and we well organize all needed Teams in various ports and we provide Maritime Security Certified personnel for your vessels safety in all HRA.

(United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations)

T: +971 50 552 3215


(Maritime Security Centre  Horn of Africa)

T: +44 1923 958545 | F: +44 1923 958520

NATO Shipping Centre

T: +44 1923 956 574 | F:+44 1923 956 575

(Maritime Liaison Office  Bahrain)

T: +973 1785 3925 | Cellular: +973 3940 1395

IMB Piracy Reporting Centre

T: +603 2031 0014 | F: +603 2078 5769 | Telex: MA34 199 IMBPC1
OPS Center

Through our OPS Center we monitor all of the incoming emails and phone calls, providing reports and intelligence updates concerning piracy activity, taking into account among other the Intel products of UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO), Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa (MSCHOA), NATO Shipping Centre (NSC), and US Navy Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).

Our OPS software can live track (through satellite connection) vessel positions, piracy alerts and weather conditions and provide direct feedback to our operations staff.

A direct line of communication with our security teams allows this information to be fed to the transit in real time.


We, AVERSA, are keeping Global Shipping Secure by providing full risk management strategies and physical maritime security to the shipping community with and through our strategic partners, affiliated companies and expertise in Anti Piracy and Anti Terrorism sectors, offering a full range of services and professional solutions for both commercial and private vessels that are sail in all high risk areas.

The main focus of our day-to-day activities is providing the customer with the advice, equipment and service that not only meets their specific needs but also addresses all aspects of the various regulations as well as their perceived needs.

We officially operate as transit coordinators and OPS Center of other Maritime Security Companies, providing with flexibility, accuracy and professionalism - within a very short time - a ready to serve marsec teams in order your property and your crew all the time to be safe.
Security Consulting

We can help you create a robust security environment with services that include threat assessments, policy review and development, and master planning.

Security decisions you make today can determine your organization’s security and resilience for years to come.

Our comprehensive security consulting services enable you to feel more confident about the actions you take to protect your family office, employees, operations, facilities, and assets.

We don't blink when you want to be safe and secure! What you “need” to be safe may not be the same as what you “want” to feel safe. 

At AVERSA we can provide you both "need" and "want". 

Our Company Professionals have spent many hours researching and refining what we believe to be the most important to you.

Our global security consultants have decades of experience advising private clients and corporations across industries that range from construction, manufacturing, and transportation to education, hospitality, and government.

To be always in readiness against any request, we have divided our Company in various business and services sectors:

- Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
- Security Policy and Procedure Development
- Security Audits
- Security Master Plans
- Securing Intellectual Property
- Security and Political Risk Consulting
Conflict Sensitive Threat Assessment
Solution design
and evaluation
& improvement
& QC
Security Risk Analysis & Management

Risk Analysis helps establish a good security posture; Risk Management keeps it that way.

Security measures cannot assure 100% protection against all threats. Therefore, risk analysis, which is the process of evaluating system vulnerabilities and the threats facing it, is an essential part of any risk management program.

The analysis process identifies the probable consequences or risks associated with the vulnerabilities and provides the basis for establishing a cost-effective security program.  Risk management is the process of implementing and maintaining countermeasures that reduce the effects of risk to an acceptable level.

We use a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of your security and operational risks for the most robust protection.

Our teams, business and strategic partners includes mechanical, electrical, manufacturing and telecommunications engineers; veterans from various military organizations and law enforcement agencies; and experts in related operational disciplines such as finance, information security, and crisis communications.

Because security risks are interconnected and ever-evolving, count on us for expert advice on the widest range of security services to manage organizational or individual risks. We have global experience with private clients and businesses in virtually every industry and provide a wide range of risk mitigation services, including:

- Audit Management
Policy Management
Risk Management
Compliance Management
Enterprise Management
Incident Management
- Vendor Management
Threat Management
- Business Continuity Management

- Security Policy & Procedure Development
- Security Audits
- Security Master Plans
- Securing Intellectual Property
- Security and Political Risk Consulting
- Security Planning
- Integrated Security System Design & Engineering
- Security System Procurement & Implementation Assistance
Experts with backgrounds as diverse as our clients’ needs
Due Diligence Capabilities

AVERSA provides companies with a comprehensive suite of due diligence and business intelligence solutions so they can better protect their investments and make critical business decisions with confidence.

Whether you are evaluating investments, entering new markets, vetting third parties or satisfying regulatory requirements, we offer a broad spectrum of consultative and scheduled solutions to address your specific needs.

Our risk-based approach allows us to conduct the appropriate level of due diligence based on specific criteria.

Clients can access Company's spectrum of due diligence offerings by working with our investigative professionals through the traditional consultative process or via our on-line customer portal, depending on the level of due diligence required.

- Pre-Transaction Intelligence
- Investigative Due Diligence
- Market Entry
- Forensic Due Diligence
- Cyber Due Diligence
- Compliance-Related Due Diligence
- Supply Chain Due Diligence
Depth, Breadth, & Comprehensiveness
Investigative Diligence
- Consultative and Iterative
- Investigative Methodology
- Global Coverage
- Customized
Screening & Red Flag
- Programmatic
- Global Standardization
- Multiple Languages
- Technology-Enabled
- High-Volume Compliance Programs
Enhanced Due Diligence
- Programmatic and Consultative Options
- Local Language Research
- Local Source Inquiry Options
- Higher-Risk Compliance
ISM & ISPS Management

Anyone who is involved in the shipping industry understands what a crucial role safety plays in ensuring the  smooth operation of modern vessels and the place ISM / ISPS codes have in this system.

As ISM/ISPS managers we have assumed responsibility for operating of our ships. This means to ensure safety, to prevent human injury or loss of life, and to avoid damage to the environment, in particular, the marine environment, and to property.

We have established and implemented a policy for achieving these objectives.

This includes providing the necessary resources and shore-based support.

ISM/ISPS Department of the Company is headed by our highly skilled and qualified Technical Director/DPA (“Designated Person Ashore”) and experienced Deputy DPA - Company Security Officer (CSO), which are providing 24-hours monitoring of our ships and their crews.

A matter of special attention for our ISM/ISPS Department is the situation with piracy in HRA waters. Due to specific requirements of our ship’s employment our vessels are quite often forced to pass “dangerous areas” that require extraordinary ship security and anti-piracy services including escort of vessel with armed security team on board.

- Preparation of ISM and all documents/manuals required and Implementation of ISM in Offices and on board.
- Training office personnel, Officers and Crew on board in all ISM requirements
- Internal ISM Audits for Officers and on Board the vessels
- Assisting the Masters during Port State control inspections
- ISM Audits for various flags and issuing of DOC and SMC Certificates
- SPS on board security Check List
- ISPS on board SSA (Ship Security Assessment)
- ISPS preparation of SSP (Ship Security Plan)
- Training the Officers and Crew in the ISPS system
- Training of SSO ship security Officer and crew on board for security
- Internal Audits on board for ISPS security requirements
- ISPS Audits for various Flag States and issue of ISPS Certificates
The goal of a master plan is the effective and evolving security risk management

Our approach to creating a security master plan starts with an assessment of the current risk environment. We will identify any high-risk areas in your organization based on the severity of impact and likelihood it will occur.

This process can include both interviewing a variety of personnel as well as examining technical resources such as electronic security systems.

Our goal is to ultimately produce a plan that will enable you to prioritize, estimate the cost, and implement risk mitigation measures that can be adapted if your needs change.

The four major components for developing a security master plan typically include:

Asset Definition to establish priorities for the security master plan. It is not realistic to assume that every asset can be or should be protected against every possible threat. Assets will be identified on how critical each is to the organization.

Threat Assessment that includes the identification and analysis of potential threats against your organization. Events are typically categorized as criminal, natural, or accidental.

Vulnerability Analysis where we correlate assets and threats and define the method or methods for compromise. We will analyze the existing security program to identify any physical, operational, and procedural weaknesses that may exist and identify potential countermeasures that could be implemented to minimize the probability of an event.
The primary goal of this analysis is to develop a profile that defines overall threats that may affect your organization. A profile is developed that would categorize threats as highly probable, possible, or unlikely.

Security Measures are selected for implementation. The selection process is intended to channel resources to protect the most vital assets against the most probable threats. Security measures for a comprehensive security master plan typically addresses the following:

Architectural elements

Operational elements

Electronic security systems

Policies and procedures (guidelines)
Security Recommendations

- Preparation prior entering high risk zone
- Security in emergency
- Creation of a Safe-Room
- No-lethal means
- Security force on-board (routine)
- Act of security force in alert & emergency
- Defense means on the vessel
- Counter-Terrorism (CT) means
- Medical equipment on-board
Security Procedures

- Routine & emergency procedures
- Intruder procedures
- Medical procedures and evacuation protocols
- Communication and report procedures
- International forces
- Use of force/ Rules of engagement
- Staff's procedures during emergency
- Analyzing vessel's structure
- Analyzing emergency situations
- Analyzing threats and loopholes
Risk Assessment & Security Master Plan

We have the experience and the professionals to undertake a thorough - for your vessel - Risk Assessment (VRA) through our Maritime Division Directors. Where, a comprehensive survey is conducted during the voyage and our assessment team is analyzing the threats and vulnerabilities to the vessel.

Assessments will be undertaken according to many factors; the size of the ship, usage and cargo of the ship, amount of personnel, sailing route, anchoring points, level of risk, existing procedures, past events and more.

A Vessel Security Master Plan (VSMP) report is then handed to the client, covering the following subjects:
Resilience Consulting

We provide end to end crisis management and business continuity services from assessments and plan designs, to rehearsed drills and emergency security services in the field and the sea.

Our experts help organizations, families and individuals with planning, designing interventions and support for various issues.

With organizations we work on enhancing resilience through developing, auditing and validating crisis and emergency preparedness planning.

We design table-top simulation exercises that provide both experiential feedback and plan validation to members of the crisis / emergency response teams.

Our analysis and recommendations are designed to specifically support your organizational requirements.

The common language of Resilience Consulting:

Risk Assessment (RA) - The RA is an overall process of risk identification, analysis, and evaluation of the threats and vulnerabilities

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) - The BIA is a process designed to identify critical business functions and their dependencies, and to prioritize and establish recovery time objectives

Disaster Recovery (DR) - A foundational element of an enterprise business continuity plan, addressing recovery of technology

Business Continuity Planning - Integrates DR and BCP, and also identifies the mission-critical business processes that must survive through a significant disruption or disaster for your Company to remain solvent. The BCP addresses survivability issues

Crisis Management (CM) - The overall coordination of an organization’s response to a crisis, in an effective, timely manner, with the goal of avoiding or minimizing damage to the organization’s profitability, reputation, and ability to operate

Emergency Preparedness (EP) - The capability that enables an organization or community to respond to an emergency in a coordinated, timely, and effective manner to prevent the loss of life and minimize employee or customer injury and property damage
Security Design

Feel confident that your new construction and facility upgrades are secure.

Our team's design and security system expertise have assisted diverse projects for clients and developers worldwide.

Our certified security consultants and engineers design and oversee cutting edge security systems that help all stake holders - including tenants, corporate security officers, and executives - feel more confident in the strategies deployed.

We are proud to have been chosen to contribute our expertise to some of the largest and most ambitious construction projects around the world.

We are working closely with top security experts, consultants and leading technology companies and we provide the most efficient, cost-effective and practical solutions according to the demands of each client.

Our approach is aligned with the client’s needs and potential risks. Our designers work in collaboration with expert threat and risk analysts to underpin the design and justify capital investment in security design features.

Our personnel proven experience includes security missions in more than 40 countries worldwide:

• Providing physical security and personal protection services
• Providing consulting to security companies
• Providing training and consulting to security personnel
• Implementing security layouts according to security risk assessments
• Establishment of surveillance teams
• Preparing and implementing penetration tests
• Providing tactical medical consulting / Instruction

We have a specialist terrorist damage assessments practice helping clients to mitigate the risk from terrorist activity. For clients needing to review existing security provisions, either following a change in threat or as part of a planned audit, Control Risks can provide a full assessment of procedural, physical, and electronic security measures.

We can also recommend mitigation measures to meet specific vulnerabilities identified during the audit.
We help you manage threats of this kind in a systematic, controlled, confidential and secure way!
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