Agency Services

With a passion to serve our ever increasing base of global clientele at various locations, we have continuously expanded our network of owned offices.

Today we serve ports of UAE, Oman ,Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Djibouti, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Red sea ports, India and Nigeria, cooperating with more than 500 multinational executives with proven experience in shipping at all these locations.

Recognizing the distinct needs of different kinds of vessels, we have created teams of specialists for the cargo operations.

Our teams of regional tanker specialists have handled all kinds of vessels from ULCC, VLCC, LPG, LNG to product tankers. The same goes for our regional break bulk and bulk services teams who have handled all sizes of vessels carrying a wide range of cargoes from industrial commodities to food grade items.

With a range of services that include vessel/cargo/crew handling, dry docking, repairs, supply of provisions, spares, bunkering, STS operations & husbanding, one can be rest assured whatever the delivery, "AC"   will make it happen.

Our excellent relations with the Port, Customs & Terminal authorities ensures a quick and efficient vessel turnaround. We place a strong emphasis on quality in all spheres of operations.

Looking to the future, we are all set to venture into several new activities & countries as part of our global expansion strategy.



- Trusted & reliable partner

- Ability to offer customized solutions to each principal

- Expertise to handle all kinds of vessels

- Excellent relationship with authorities

- Professional, well experienced, skilled & dedicated team

- Single point of contact for vessel handling & operations

- In depth knowledge of ports & terminals

- Resourceful supervision of cost & service levels on port calls

- All types of surveys to be carried out on board

- Centralized & transparent port call management system

- High standards of local procurement powers & operational effectiveness

- Constant connectivity with ship owners / operators & charterers

- International Network of offices

- Standardized services delivered always to exceed your expectations

- Crew Changes, Bunkering, Assistance in Repairs, technical, in Ports

- Supplies and any other services required by a vessel in port

- Arrange maritime security services for ships sail in HRA.

- Flexibility to accommodate last minute changes in arrangements


Agency Services in Cyprus: We provide a professional full agency services in Limassol and Larnaca Ports with competitive rates.


If you are looking for a trouble-free service, we are here to assist you.


Our staff have both on-board and office experience and know what is required for the Owners and ship staff.


Our good relationships and name with the Port and other Authorities enable us to have a trouble-free ship stay in port.


Our Agency services include:


- Crew Changes

- Bunkering

- Assistance in Repairs

- Supplies

- Other services required by a vessel in port

- Assistance to the Master on arrival with the local documentation required and with the Port State Control inspection in order to avoid any delays


Special Services in Greece:  Through our direct associates (ex-coast guard senior officers with good connections of all government departments and ports), we can provide all types of services for all Greek ports as follows:


- Consultation and assistance with various authorities and Port State Control that come on board for vessels that arrive in a Greek port


- We deal with any services required in connection with coast guard, port authorities, Ministry of shipping etc.


- We arrange all types of repairs, supplies including safety equipment at normal and emergency hours without delays through trusted and experienced workshops


- WE carry out all safety inspections on vessel's arrival and advise the Master of all deficiencies that need to be corrected before the PSC come on board


- Arrange all types of security guards on board if required


- Negotiate with the port authorities and Shipping Ministry for any commercial business that any company wants to carry out in Greece


- To make introductions and arrange meetings with Greek Ship Owners, workshops, all types of repairs, ship agencies and dry-docks


- To arrange for all types of surveys to be carried out on board and offer assistance if required


- To advise and introduce the right legal maritime lawyer for maritime matters and claims

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