At AVERSA, we merge the timeless value of traditional person-to-person relationships with the precision of cutting-edge technology.


Our steadfast commitment to excellence in both products and services is underpinned by continuous monitoring and adherence to the highest standards.


This strategic approach enables us to efficiently cater to a broad spectrum of the international market.


Expertise Across the Maritime and Commercial Sectors


AVERSA's deep-rooted expertise spans the commercial and marine business sectors, where we have cultivated a strong, loyal client base across the globe.


Our clients not only depend on us for superior quality products and services but also value our expert consultancy, which ensures the delivery of critical solutions both promptly and effectively.


With a distinguished team that boasts over three decades of experience in international business, AVERSA excels at managing the complexities and challenges inherent in the global market.


Our comprehensive service and product portfolio address all relevant areas within our scope, meeting the diverse and dynamic needs of our clients.


Unwavering Commitment to Integrity and Responsibility


At the core of AVERSA's operations are the principles of responsibility and integrity.


We are committed to managing significant tasks with the highest levels of professionalism and accountability, guaranteeing that our clients' requirements are fulfilled with precision and excellence.


Services Tailored to Exceed Expectations


Choosing AVERSA means partnering with a company that not only understands but anticipates client needs, consistently delivering innovative and dependable solutions.


Our service offerings include:


- Business Consulting

- Ships Agency Services

- Technical Management

- Accounting & Financial Management

- Ship & Yacht Management

- ISM / ISPS Management

- Crew Management

- Ship & Yacht Chartering & Services

- S&P (Ship & Yacht Sales and Purchases)

- Maritime Security Services

- High Technology Security Systems

- Security Products and Services


Expansive Reach and Responsive Service


Building on a solid foundation of industry expertise, AVERSA has rapidly expanded to encompass all aspects of the maritime and security business.


Our operational footprint spans from the busiest international ports to the most secluded regions, ensuring omnipresent support for our clients.


Our commitment to responsiveness guarantees that whatever the need, support is just a phone call or an email away.


This level of accessibility is not merely a service feature—it is a reflection of our dedication to fulfilling our clients' needs with urgency and efficiency.


A Commitment to Global Security and Technological Excellence


At AVERSA, we take pride in our ability to deliver comprehensive, reliable, and swift services to the global security and technology sectors.


Our approach is not only about meeting expectations but setting new standards of excellence in every project and partnership we undertake.


Through a blend of seasoned wisdom and innovative practices, AVERSA continues to lead and redefine the landscape of global maritime and security services, today and into the future.

More information?

AVERSA  will be pleased to handle your Marine Investigation and/or Vessel Tracking case(s) - we promise a prompt reaction to your enquiry.
Ship Services

At AVERSA, our unwavering dedication to serving a diverse and expanding global clientele is demonstrated through the continuous growth of our network.

We specialize in a comprehensive range of maritime security and service solutions, catering to an array of vessels including container ships, tankers, dry bulk carriers, cruise ships, trampers, specialized vessels, and even super-yachts.of maritime operations.

Our expertise in handling various types of cargo—ranging from commodities and dangerous goods to perishable items and oversized cargo—underscores our deep understanding of the complex dynamics within the maritime industry. As agents, our role is multifaceted and crucial. We are committed to safeguarding the interests of the ship and its cargo, as well as the owner, charterer, operator, and all personnel onboard including the captain, crew, and passengers.
Moreover, AVERSA is adept at offering specialized, project-based services designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. These tailored services include advanced solutions such as Marine Investigation, Vessel Tracking, and Consultancy services, reflecting our commitment to delivering intelligent, customized solutions that are perfectly aligned with the unique needs and challenges faced by each client.

Our approach at AVERSA is always to go beyond traditional expectations to provide strategic, personalized services that ensure operational excellence and enhance the overall efficiency of maritime operations.
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