We are in business!

We know that there is a high demand of skilled and experienced seafarers worldwide. Due to this we have started to use our large network and knowledge in shipping to help our clientele vessels at a fair cost.

It is common today, that the shipping companies outsource the manning of the ship to dedicated crew manning offices, but are you prepared for the changes?

With the new Maritime Labor Convention there will be new requirements for Ship owners and suppliers of such services.

Upon entry into force of the Maritime Labour Convention, all private recruitment and placement services (Crew Manning Office) in ratifying states must be operated under a system of licensing, certification or some other form of regulation.

When recruiting seafarers from a non-ratifying state the obligation to ensure compliance, as far as reasonable, falls on the ship owner.

In order for crew manning offices to comply with the requirements of the Maritime Labor Convention, the ”Standard for Certification of Crew Manning Offices, Private Recruitment & Placement Services – 3.404” was revised and published in October 2007.

"AC" has developed services based  on the standard.

In cooperation with certified organizations, these  are now available to
customers and are including the following:

- Seminars
- Training
- Gap analysis
- Certification for compliance

For more information contact our Crew Dpt.

We are crewing professionals who know both sides of a ship needs from many years of sea going experience as Master Mariners and Marine / Engineer Superintendents.

Our main advantage is the accurate and fast selection of the best seafarers available through a streamlined procedure, which also ensures efficient logistics and document dispatch.

This can be witnessed from the continued trust we receive from seafarers and Owners.

The management is duty bound to maintain a professional staff in every department who are imbued with high moral principles and ethical values
to protect the interest of the company and continuously upgrade its standard operation aimed at ensuring long term business relationship with the Employer/Principal.

At "AC" you will deal with professionals who completely understand the job's difficulties and challenges. All of our seafarers are carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of our clients, supporting and encouraging a safe and  efficient ship operation.

With an extensive experience, professionalism and accuracy, we  successfully servicing a strong worldwide base of clients who are commanding quality and knowledge.

With us you can expect to benefit from;

- A highly competitive management fee
- Availability of resources to work on various types of vessels
- Accessible advice on issues relating to Union and ITF Safe
- Working with an credited and certified organization
- 24 Hour support

You can count on us!

We have a database of professional Seafarers, from which we select appropriate candidates as per requirement of our Principle Owners.
The bio data of candidates are thoroughly screened by checking past employment reference, we also check their Competency Certificates and STCW courses.

We scrutinize bio data and then we forward same to our Principle Owners for their ready reference and approval.

Only experience, competent Officers and skilled Crew are these that we are recommending.

They are all certified as per the latest requirements of the STCW and they are well chosen by our authorized crewing agents as per their previous work records and recommendations.

Our charges are very competitive and tailored as per the owner's request.

Our crews are trained and fulfill all new regulations as per:

- ISM Code
- ISMA Code
- As per client's requirements

Our Crew Department consists of experienced personnel that with proper screening and pre-selection, can choose the right Officer or Crew as per vessel requirements.

Our DPA carries out crew training and drills on board during his visits to ensure that the crew are familiar with all emergencies.

We can provide ISM and ISPS training and can issue ISPS Certificates for SSO (Ship's Security Officer) and CSO (Company Security Officer).
We are able to provide crew from the following (but not limited) countries: Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Europe, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka as well as other countries that the owner may require!

Our mission is to intelligently select, ethically recruit, thoroughly train and ultimately nurture the next generation of competent seafarers, who will fully safeguard our principal’s vessels, in compliance with the strictest legal norms and professional standards.
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