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We shop online. We work online. We play online. We live online. As our lives increasingly depend on digital services, the need to protect our information from being maliciously disrupted or misused is really import.

In today’s information economy, data can be your organization’s most valuable asset, but with the rise of mobile technology, cloud computing and an exponentially growing volume of digital information, keeping that data secure also becomes one of your greatest challenges.

At AVERSA, we know securing and managing electronically stored information (ESI) is critical to the future of your business. For this we offer end-to-end cyber security consulting, from information risk assessments that help you benchmark safety measures and shore up weaknesses, to penetration testing that checks for robust defenses.

Our global teams/partners deliver scalable cyber security solutions to help you protect confidential and proprietary information from data security risks such as malicious insiders, network vulnerabilities and inadequate security policies.
Cyber security in the maritime industry is a major concern, due to a lack of security awareness or accountability while increasing use of new, sophisticated communications technologies raises the threat level to high.

With the potential for sensitive customer data leaks via ECDIS, AIS, RFID and GPS, it is important that security procedures and processes are in place so that operators know how to identify a potential security threat or have been trained to respond when a cyber attack is in process.

The perpetrators active in the maritime industry are mostly interested in financial gain, looking to gain access, stay hidden and extract financial profit from their targets.

However, accessing and extracting sensitive information or intellectual property can also help criminal or terrorist organizations whose motive is to use the industry to transport hazardous materials or weapons.

In an advanced threat, the attacker will spend a large amount of time researching a list of potential targets, gathering information about the organisation’s structure, clients etc.

Social media activity of the people in the target company will be monitored to extract information about the systems and forums favored by the user and any technology vulnerabilities assessed.

Once a weakness is found the next step the hacker will take is to breach the cyber security perimeter - the basic security most companies adopt - and gain access, which, for most attackers, is easily done
Critical infrastructure & CyberSecurity (HORIZON EUROPE)
In maritime industry attacks often remain in secret
Awareness on cyber security in maritime sector is low to non-existent
Cyber attacks in oil and gas industry has an extreme increment year by year
Cyber Security Capabilities
Risk Assessment:  Cyber Security starts from identifying all possible threats and vulnerabilities. Related processes include penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and audit.

Risk Management: Securing your organization’s IT infrastructure and deploying security policies are vital steps for managing cyber security risks.

Post-attack Crisis Management: Managing a post-attack crisis can be very challenging, requiring investigation, forensics and reputation management.

Cyber Security Event Management: We can monitor your entire network 24/7 for preventing and addressing attacks, keeping your organization safe. 

Specialized Solutions: We are one of the very few worldwide cyber security provider that can offer specialized solutions for maritime and energy industries which are proved to be primary targets.

Additionally, we offer training courses tailored to your crew's needs concerning the cyber protection of your vessel's resources.
Maritime Cyber Security

Advancement in broadband technologies and the move towards ‘Big Data’ and 'Ship Intelligence could leave the maritime industry vulnerable to cyber-crime unless it develops a better awareness of ICT (information, communication technology) security and adopts security best practice.

Certainly there is the possibility for AIS, GNSS, ENC and ECDIS charts to disappear from bridge screens or be modified, but the issue today is that most adversaries want to obtain data for financial gain.

Payment systems can be easily penetrated using targeted phishing scams to raise fake invoices or even to change shipping manifests in order to transport illicit goods, drugs and weapons.

The loss of sensitive data through breaches in system security is the single most important challenge that faces the maritime industry today.
Perimeters Breached
Of known vulnerabilities have security patches available
Of all cyber-security breaches are from known vulnerabilities
Is the percentage of cyberattacks that can be averted with increased cyber risk awareness
Is the percentage of users opening phishing emails
Of users use the same password on personal accounts as they do for their corporate ones
Is the percentage of social media scams and malware being shared via social media activity
Is the percentage of incidents caused by administrator’s incorrect configurations, leaving default passwords running or not changing passwords frequently, etc.
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Prevent, Respond, Remediate

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