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We are  able to serve vessels in a worldwide basis offering marine lubricants in all major & minor ports.

With WEBMARINE we are exclusive agents of Granada Energy and through their cooperation with oil majors and other regional refiners we are able to quote not only on a spot basis but also to offer tailor made contract solutions which fully cover our clients needs in the lubricants sector.

In 2009 we introduced to the market Texas Texmarine and MISR Nautica range of marine lubricants, offering to our customers an alternative solution for their marine lubricants needs in the busiest port of call - Singapore and in the ports of Egypt.

Whatever your needs may be, in any port of the world, we will be able to help you in a safe, secure and economic way.

Our job does not end upon the fixture.

We constantly monitor the progress of the lubricants delivery and we are ready to inform you in any given moment.

Even more, in order to ensure the quality of the products that are delivered to our clients we cooperate with an independent laboratory which performs all necessary chemical analysis enabling our clients to be fully aware of the condition of the used lubricating oil and vessel’s machinery.

"AC" provides marine lubricants and supplies  to vast clientele worldwide.

Although that never meant that marine lubricants were available in 100% of the ports of the world, with and through our extensive networks we always focus on the ability to deliver not only in main ports but also in more remote ports and to service all types of vessels not just liners trading predictable routes!
Quality: Our commitment to quality means we must make continuous investments and improvements.
Our services are not static and are effective. The maritime industry is dynamic with increasingly challenging and complex business activities. We recognize the importance of this role and take seriously our commitments.
Maritime Experience: We take pride in our experience. The people behind the name have been in this industry for more than 30 years, servicing vessels in various positions either on board of offshore and they are ready to cater for your needs either in marine lubricants or ship supplies.
Worldwide Support: We are fast, reliable and we treat your vessel like it is our vessel. We recognize that in our industry, decisions should be swift and cost effective. Anyone who has used our services will concur that all requests, however big or small they are, are handled in the most efficient and professional way in order to service the vessels’ needs!
Response: From the busiest ports of call to the most secluded ones, we are next to our clients. Anything that they might require is only a phone call or an email away. Through our network of trusted suppliers all around the world we are able to service any vessel in any part of the world, as we have been doing for thirty years now.
We focus on real needs and are dedicated solely to supply innovative and cost efficient options that provide real benefits.

It’s vital that fuel oil on ships are kept in prime condition, to keep engines running smoothly and efficiently, and to ensure full compliance with environmental and operational regulations.

The quality of the residual fuels used by the world’s international trading fleets has been deteriorating over many years.

This has largely come about because of secondary refining, a process that concentrates the heavier constituents in the fuel, causing problems with handling and use, and adding costs through the extra maintenance required.

From the busiest ports of call to the most secluded ones, we are next to our clients

Anything that they might require is only a phone call or an email away.

Through our international network we are able to service any vessel in any port of the world, as we have been doing this since 1994

We are dealing with all kind of petroleum products and we can supply you whatever you need, wherever you need it and whenever you request it, with safety and accuracy,
Crude Oil
Jet A1
EN 590 10 PPM
Liquefied Natural Gas ( LNG)
Liquefied Petroleum Gas ( LPG )
Bitumen Grade 60/70 and 80/100
Cameroon, Cτte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia


Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom


Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Korea South, Lebanon, Malaysia, Pakistan, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand. Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Yemen

Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Panama, United States of America


Texas marine lubricants are manufactured in Singapore in a privately held blending plant, strategically located at at Jurong Industrial Area covering 70,000 sq. feet with a blending capacity of 100,000 tons annually. The plant is equipped with the latest blending facilities and equipments together with a modern laboratory. Texas marine products offer superior engine protection for marine engines and marine based industrial applications including power generators, drilling rigs and railroad with maximum oxidation resistance, anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection.
MISR Petroleum Co. is a major lubricant manufacturing company in Egypt. It manufactures a wide range of lubricants such as automotive, industrial and greases. In 2009 it started developing the MISR Nautica marine lubricants. These lubricants are blended using a selection of the highest refined base oils and the recent additive technology developed by multinational additive producers. Misr Petroleum Company owns and operates the most advanced lube oil blending plant in the middle east, constructed on a 100.000  m2  area at Amriya demonstrating the Egyptian capabilities to design, manage, construct and operate large scale projects using the latest technology in the oil industry.

A Legacy of Excellence in Ship Supply Services


Since its inception in 1989, Webmarine has consistently expanded its horizons, starting with the founding of WW Trade Singapore.


This pivotal move marked the beginning of our journey to become one of the largest privately held ship supplying companies in Singapore, renowned for our dedication to quality and service excellence.


In 1997, we extended our reach further by establishing WW Trade Shanghai.


This strategic expansion enabled us to not only serve our clients in the bustling port of Shanghai but also across nearly every port and shipyard in China, enhancing our capacity to meet the diverse needs of our customers efficiently.


Over the years, Webmarine has meticulously built a robust network of quality-oriented ship suppliers around the world.


This global network is now equipped to provide superior marine supplies in more than 650 ports internationally, underscoring our commitment to being a reliable partner to the maritime industry.


We invite you to contact us to learn more about how our extensive network and deep industry expertise can support your vessel's needs, wherever you are in the world.


We are dedicated to ensuring that every client receives prompt, reliable, and top-tier service, tailored to their specific requirements.

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