Technical Services

We provide the technical services required for the normal running of your vessel.

We always are planning and follow up of all maintenance on board for the Deck and Engine.

We provide all shore repairs by competent and reasonably priced shore workshops that we have had a long relationship with to ensure the ship's          commercial  commitments

We run all dry-docking and on board float repairs when needed

We Monitoring all machinery performance and create programs for the crew to carry out regular maintenance (prevention is better than cure) Supplying spares from well known and trusted suppliers worldwide


Our secret of success is that we treat all engines as different and unique “personalities”.

We believe that even two engines of the same type from the same constructor are totally different and therefore we apply different approaches to achieve the appropriate top outcome for each case
Maritime KEY Services

- Ship and Barge Cleaning
- Gas-free Services
- Slop & Bilge Removal/Disposal
- Black & Gray Water Removal/Disposal
- Sweeps/Knock Down Services
- Contaminated Dunnage Removal/Disposal
- Chemical Cleaning
- Potable Water Analysis

We also provides a range of marine consulting services for companies and individuals in several industries, including:

- The Maritime Industry
- The Oil & Gas Industry
- The Transportation Industry
- The Chemical & Petrochemical Industries
- The Pulp & Paper Industries
- The Healthcare Industry
- The Food & Beverage Industry
- The Automotive Industry
- The Industrial Manufacturing Industry
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